U19 Air Disinfection LED Light                                                         

This Air Disinfection System in a panel light, with integrated LED lights, UV lights, and airflow circulation accelerator improves the efficiency of disinfection.

UVC Safety Protection

PIR Sensor: When someone climb up higher than the safety level 7.5ft (2.3m), PIR sensor will detect and turn off the UVC lamp, to avoid any possible injury from UVC irradiance.

UVC Irradiance

Two sides UVC upper room disinfection, to realize UVC disinfection in occupied area.

Air Flow System

Built-In fan for more air flow, to increase the air disinfection efficiency.

LED lighting

LED Brightness Adjustable 20% | 40% | 60% | 80% | 100%, and 1-3 CCT setting steps (3000k | 4000k | 5000k).

Digital Display, Remote Control