U15 Air Disinfection LED Light                                                         

This Air Disinfection System in a panel light, with integrated LED lights, HEPA filters, UV lights, and airflow circulation accelerator improves the efficiency of disinfection.

Enclosed UVC Light Source

This Air Disinfection UVC panel light allows disinfection of the air in an enclosed space, while ensuring that day to day business activities can continue undermeath that area while the device is active.

The UVC light is in a light-enclosed space. Irradiate the accelerated airflow to eliminate the virus and bacteria.

Air Circulation System with Filters

Special Air Circulation system accelerate the airflow to improve the efficient of disinfection.

Designed with HEPA and Active filters can effectively filter and clean the air.

LED troffer Light

LED Color Temperature Adjustable.
LED Brightness Adjustable 20% | 40% | 60% | 80% | 100%.