Thermal Camera for Body Temperature Detection                

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with software included

According to the World Health Organization, fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. This makes rapid identification of fever through screening efforts and fever-screening devices an effective part of your business operations.

This Thermal Camera for Body Temperature Detection is a no-contact, temperature check solution available to screen anyone entering your facilities, while allowing you to respect social distancing guidelines.

Our automated non-contact temperature screening systems are easy-to-use solutions for monitoring temperatures.

The person to be screened steps into an area where the fixed image is constantly focused, easily ensuring their face fills a majority of the predetermined facial region of interest by watching the screen.

Within 1-3 seconds, the camera software provides a Pass or Fail response.

Scan response setting are customizable and include both on-screen and audible options.

  • Multiple target tracking (Be able to check 20 people together).
  • Fast readings (suitable for a lot of people walking through).
  • Support both thermal image and normal image of the person on the same screen).
  • Temperature measure range from 5°F ~ 302°F (-15℃ ~ 150℃).
  • Temperature readings is easy to cross check with standard Excel temperature plate.
  • Reliable temperature-anomaly color.
  • Detection distance 5-10ft (1.5-3m). Detection height:5-10ft (1.5-3m).
  • High temp limitation - Low temp limitation -Abnormal Temperature Alarm.
  • Support contrast adjustment.

Application Scenarios

Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping malls, Supermarkets, Schools, Airports, Railway stations, Motor stations and other public places.