Artificial Intelligence UVC & Spray Disinfection Robot           

This sterilizing robot kills germs in the environment by decomposing their DNA structures, thus preventing and reducing the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.

This robot has two working modes: UVC disinfection and sterilization, and disinfectant sprayer and sterilization, and applies to a variety of complicated scenarios.

The robot can operate with UVC & Sprayer disinfection simultaneously.

In the mode of UVC disinfection and sterilization, condensed ultraviolet beams are emitted to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, with a disinfection rate of 99.99%, which effectively prevents cross-infection in high-risk areas.

It can move autonomously for timed, fixed-point, and multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization in large areas.    

Multi-mode disinfection

  • Air Spray Disinfectant: Hypochlorous Acid
  • UVC light
Adjustable Disinfection Volume
  • The disinfection volume can be adjusted to adapt to different application scenarios.
    • Whether people are around or not;
    • Small rooms or big open spaces like airports or shopping malls.
Disinfection Task Management
  • Disinfection area, Disinfection time, disinfection mode can be pre-set. For example: Disinfect the office area every day at 6 o’clock, 12 o’clock, and 16 o’clock
Artificial Intelligent Voice Control and AI communication ability
  • AI Communication system
  • Contactless voice control disinfection
  • Able to carry on small conversations with people (Introduction/Broadcast). For example, when a person comes near the robot, he can talk: "Please don't come so close to me, I'm working."
Multi-function disinfection
With UVC light at the bottom of the robot.
The UVC light only shoots on the floor so it can work with people are around. Perfect for Hotels, Bus stations, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, hospitals where there are always people around.

With Air Spray Disinfection.
Small, medium, and big fog volume to choose adjustable for different application scenarios.
Disinfection task pre-set.
You can set the disinfection task:
There needs to be disinfected (for example your office).
When to do the disinfection (For example 8:00 am, working day or every day).
Disinfection for how long (According to the size of your office, for example: 30 minutes).
Then the robot will remember the task and do the disinfection according to the task set.
Automatic obstacle avoidance system
Can navigate and drive safely in hospital/ hotel/ shopping malls/ airport... public environments via its collision avoidance system and sensors. Drives safely among peoples and navigates around objects. Can be applied to many sterilizing scenarios as it is developed to pass through tight corridors and long hallways seamlessly.
Artificial intelligent Communication
AI communication allows the robot to communicate with people. Can talk with people about anything. And The robot works under voice commands.  
It can even work as a receptionist to welcome people, help people with frequently asked questions, or amuse people.

Medical institutions:
Isolation ward, operating room, and waiting area;

Administrative organs:
Prison, court, procuratorate, and traffic management bureau;

workshop, pharmaceutical factory, laboratory;

Public area:
School, community service center, airport, metro/train station, Hotel and cinema.