Spray Disinfection Robot                                                                

This Artificial Intelligent sterilizing robot kills germs in the environment by decomposing their DNA structures, thus preventing and reducing the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.

It can move autonomously for timed, fixed-point, and multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization in large areas.    

Spray disinfection
Air Spray Disinfectant: Hypochlorous Acid
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirms that Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) eliminates 99.99% of COVID-19 in just 20 seconds, faster than any disinfectant included on the EPA List N.
Hypochlorous acid does not cause irritation to eyes and skin. Even it were ingested it causes no harm. Because it is so safe, it is the ideal sanitizer for all airborne and surface contaminants.
Perfect for Hotels, Bus stations, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, hospitals where there are always people around.

Large working space
The disinfection Sprayer and sterilization can efficiently guarantee the effect of disinfection and sterilization in areas. A large space can be fully covered in disinfection and sterilization using the chassis for autonomous movement.

No harmful residue

The robot doesn't generate any harmful residues during operation in the modes of air circulating disinfection and sterilization, and UVC disinfection and sterilization.

Wide range of sterilization
The robot is capable of effectively killing microorganisms in the air, such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses, and has significant effects on harmful microorganisms in aerosols and the like.

Unmanned operation
The robot features autonomous operation and realizes timed, fixed-point, and multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization in ample space, according to the preset route and time requirements. It reduces the investment in human resources and helps promote the working efficiency and quality.

Autonomous charging
The robot is capable of autonomous charging, continuous operation, low power early warning, and automatic recharging, thus effectively ensuring the endurance of this mobile device. When the robot battery is low, the robot will automatically return to the charging dock for automatic charging

Fixed point circulation disinfection
After the map is scanned and set up in advance, the robot will automatically circulate disinfection.
When the robot is started, just press the remote control and the robot will start 360-degree spray disinfection.
The disinfection liquid of the robot is sprayed from the disinfection nozzle on the top of the robot.
The storage of disinfectants is about 3.96 gl (15 liters).

Voice broadcast reminder
Automatic cruise voice broadcast reminder.

Voice conversation
The robot can chat or business consultation, the content of the conversation can also be customized according to customer needs (for example, when a person comes near the robot, he can talk: "Please don't come so close to me, I'm working.".

Voice control command
A. Display the custom picture, video, return to home pages.
B. Guide someone to a designated location.
C. Give the robot a command, He will source from the internet and open the related information. such as weather, picture, website, etc.

Through voice dialogues pictures videos and other forms of publicity.

Trackless Running
The robot navigates automatically by laser radar and avoids obstacles automatically by ultrasonic induction.

Face Recognition
Robot has face recognition, She can easily recognize the people who have already registered and greets them.

Automatic obstacle avoidance system
Can navigate and drive safely in hospital/ hotel/ shopping malls/ airport... public environments via its collision avoidance system and sensors. Drives safely among peoples and navigates around objects. Can be applied to many sterilizing scenarios as it is developed to pass through tight corridors and long hallways seamlessly.

Medical institutions:
Isolation ward, operating room, and waiting area;

Administrative organs:
Prison, court, procuratorate, and traffic management bureau;

workshop, pharmaceutical factory, laboratory;

Public area:
School, community service center, airport, metro/train station, Hotel and cinema.