Artificial Intelligent Indoor Security Robot                                

As the theft incidents grew more frequent, security systems' applications are more popular than ever to prevent the damages caused by theft, whether inside business facilities. The traditional security system gives some protection to the situation but still has some dead zone that cannot be monitored. Therefore, our Indoor Security Robot proposes an indoor autonomous mobile security monitoring system to improve traditional one's security.

The robot moves about regularly, allowing for effective video surveillance of the entire area from different positions for optimal observation.

Unlike using multiple fixed cameras, using a mobile robot excludes blind spots that are otherwise inaccessible to surveillance. The robot moves around the business facilities, observing the surrounding environment and conditions, monitoring and preventing emergencies.

A mobile security robot can respond immediately with surveillance to record suspicious events occurring on indoor businesses premises. It can be rerouted automatically when linked stationary alarm sensors are triggered.

The Robot has seven different functions:

1) Autonomous navigation avoiding obstacles
The system-based autonomous navigation algorithm is GPS based, lidar, and depth camera, supplemented by a variety of sensors.
The Robot can independently plan the optimal path, achieve centimeter-level precise positioning and navigation, and guarantee its arrival in the shortest time and the shortest route.

2) Outdoor and Indoor mobile monitoring emergency call
The camera automatically takes pictures. If an abnormal call is found, the voice control dials an emergency call to maintain the campus order with the security guard to prevent evil.

3) Independent patrol intelligent alarm
It fully meets the management requirements of various bank treasury outlets and saves costs. All events and alarms can be linked and captured and can form a report output. The video can be directly called through the report.

4) Real-time video streaming to surveillance central
Security is one of the applications that everyone needs to be controlled remotely. Thinking on that, the Robot can stream video in real-time to the company's surveillance central.

5) Indoor temperature and air quality monitoring system
The system adopts the internet + unique cloud service system architecture, and the whole system adopts B/S management and maintenance mode. Administrators can detect from the background to achieve real-time monitoring of the indoor environment.

6) Fire smoke warning system
The Robot uses the smoke alarm to prevent fire by monitoring the smoke concentration. It uses an ion smoke sensor, a technologically advanced, stable, and reliable sensor widely used in various fire alarm systems, with a far superior performance to the gas sensor fire alarm.

7) Intelligent speech interaction
Intelligent Speech Interaction is developed based on state-of-the-art technologies such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language understanding. The Robot can integrate Intelligent Speech Interaction into their applications to enable the applications to listen to, understand, and speak to users.


Structural parameters:


4.23*2.52*6.72ft (1290*770*2050mm)

Body weight

507lb (230kg)

Carrying weight

220lb (100kg)

Movement mode

Front wheel steering rear wheel drive

Walking speed

0~4.9ft/s (0~1.4m/s) (can be adjustable)

Maximum ramp angle

20 degree

Maximum obstacle avoidance

2.36in (60 mm)

Navigation and positioning

Laser navigation, positioning

Wireless communication distance

328ft (100 meters) in the open space

Obstacle avoidance method

Ultrasonic + Laser barrier avoidance

Tablet computer

8 core processer and 1GB memory

Internal sensor

Laser, gyroscope, ultrasonic, smoke, temperature, fire detection, anti-drop, collision detection

Networking method

WiFi, 4G (SIM card)

Control method

Tablet control, 2.4G wireless control


Battery parameters:


Lithium polymer battery





Working current

Rated value 5A

Battery life

10 hours


Motor parameters:


Brushless DC motor






Laser radar parameters:


1.18*2in (30*51mm)



Per second

8000 times collection 10Hz

Measuring range

65 ft / 164ft (20 meters / 50 meters)

Scanning angle


Networking method

WiFi, 4G (SIM card)

Working temperature

-4ºF~-140ºF (-20ºC~60ºC)

Error value

±2cm (±5cm)

Mapping area

1,600,000 ft2 (150000m2)

Wireless network working frequency